Brain Muscles?

PQ Mental Fitness Coach

"The only mental health tool you will need to permanently change the way you think, act, make decisions and communicate! A game changer both personally & professionally!"

Training your brain is a real thing and the PQ system offers the process.

Positive Intelligence (PQ for short) offers a workout program that builds new brain matter. You follow a work-out regimen to keep your body healthy, right? How about one for your brain?

The PQ system is the most direct path to improve your ability to function from a more thoughtful, purposeful, self-aware and content perspective. It trains the muscle of your brain that controls the thought process to "catch" your mind chatter, stop it, shift and proceed in a healthy, positive, thoughtful process.

This program that gives you the mental fitness tools for 15 minutes a day of PQ exercises. I won't go into all of the science behind it in this blog (happy to share with whomever is interested) but it is proven that in only 15 minutes a day, for 21 days, your brain builds new neuro pathways that allow you to work past your negative thoughts, fears, discomforts, concerns, "no-ways", etc!

The reality is, is that we are all so over-programmed, over self-helped and just over "it" that we don't have mental space for another complicated process. I am right there with you and I am a firm believer in working smart vs hard

We're happy to send you a free Saboteur Assessment (honestly, no catch). You can take the assessment, receive the results, have the awareness and be done! If you so choose, we are happy to do a free, 1:1 debrief of the assessment. Again, no obligations and no hard sale! Promise! If you are interested in the PQ Mental Fitness program, we will gladly share when our next 6-week begins and the details.

We hope you take advantage of the free assessment offer because we do think it's pretty amazing. We are here to answer questions and help make a difference with our clients. We are NOT here to sell anything! Coaching is a partnership (and hard word sometimes) so we are pretty stubborn when it comes to making sure our clients are all-in and ready to make great changes in their world. We do believe that you have all of your answers, we just help you uncover them!

Cheers to all for healthy minds and bodies!


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