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Mental Wellness &

Interpersonal Communication Skills Coach


"The only tool you will need to permanently change the way you think, act, make decisions and communicate!  A game changer both personally & professionally!"  

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Achieving Mental Wellness through Mental Fitness

“What gets measured gets managed.”

Examining an activity changes the activity by forcing you to pay attention to it.


What is Mental Fitness? 

Mental Fitness is defined as the measure of how quickly you can shift from negative to positive responses when being challenged. 

How is Mental Fitness Measured? 

Let's play the game of when the ball is passed to you, there’s a split-second, fear-based negative reaction (ie, “I’m going to screw up again” “If I don’t make this shot, the team's going to get angry,” and so on).  The question is, "how quickly do you recover from this stressed response?"   How quickly can you go from a "panic" feeling to a calm, clear-headed response?

If your Mental Fitness is high, you’ll be able to quickly shift your own brain activation, command your mind to silence the voices, feel the ball in your hand, see the basket and make the appropriate decision as to when and how to shoot the ball.  We like to refer to it as the inner-Jedi!


The "PQ” (Positive Intelligence) program for Mental Fitness provides you with the tools to:

  • Create Awareness

  • Command your Mind

  • Function with a Clear, Calm, Creative, and Laser-focus Mindset

Based on research, PQ reps (mental fitness) permanently alter the brain's neuropathways creating a shift from negative thought patterns (stress, self-doubt, etc) to one of clear, calm, creative, and focused mindset.  


  • Designed to offer focused, intensive and explosive results 

  • Gives you insights as to "why" we do things that we do and how to change them to your benefit

  • Gives you techniques on how to stop the thoughts that "weaken" our mental fitness and structure of how to strengthen the muscle that will create lasting, long-term, positive change

  • Mental Fitness exercises to be performed 15 minutes per day (broken down into 2-3 minute increments)

  • 6 Weekly video sessions

  • Daily app-guided practices to boost your 3 core, mental fitness muscles



  • You will learn about your top Saboteurs with our Saboteur Assessment

  • You will have immediate insight as to your most valued traits working against you when being taken to an extreme

  • Based on scientifically proven techniques to change the neuroplasticity of your brain you will experience:

Reduced stress levels

Improved communications skills

More authentic relationships

More focused and successful decisions 

Overall contentment

You take care of your body ...

how about your mind?



"After my 6-weeks in the PQ program, I felt significantly lighter and more aware .... What I found most profound is that 6 months later, I have continued to grow stronger and as I do, I do not lapse into my old, unhelpful ways. ".... I have experienced many AHA! moments from books, workshops, etc but this is the first time in my life I am experiencing lasting change in my behavior!"  Sandra K.


"As a therapist ... I have trained on many different approaches to well-being, however, the Positive Intelligence program is the most effective by far.  Not only does it provide cutting edge information on how to create a positive mindset.  It also provides the tools needed to actually do so.  I have found the PQ program to be transformational for both myself and my clients."  Gail T.


"The PQ program has had a significant impact on me, personally, and I have used the techniques to achieve better performance in my own life every day.  I also know that this framework can be used ... to help my corporate teams obtain sustainable change in their business and personal lives."  G. Faith


What is Interpersonal Communication? 

The process by which people exchange information, feelings, and meaning through verbal and non-verbal messages".  It's not just about what is said but how it is said and the messages sent through tone of voice, facial expressions, gestures and body language.

Working Together on Project

When two or more people are in the same place and are aware of each other's presence, then communication is taking place, no matter how subtle or unintentional.  Without speech, an observer may be using cues of posture, facial expression, and dress to form an impression of the other's role, emotional state, personality and/or intentions. Although no communication may be intended, people receive messages through such forms of non-verbal behaviour.

Effective, interpersonal skills will help you connect in a positive, authentic way. 

Whether it's with your children, partner, spouse, friends or co-workers, if you're struggling in your conversations, being misunderstood or just "can't seem to say the right thing,"  let's talk.   We'll help you reach that connectivity and authenticity you are striving for. 

Learn how to be understood and understand others

Learn how to communicate with empathy

Learn  how to read people better

Learn how to truly listen (yes, this is a skill!)

Learn to be an advocate vs a judge with your family members / co-workers

Learn to build rapport in social / business situations

Effective Interpersonal Communications will shift your world and the world of those around you!

As with all coaching, we work together, uncover where some roadblocks may be in the communication style and learn new methods to convey, share and be an active listener.  The mirror of self-reflection and gaining clarity of the “what was said vs what was meant” can alter the outcome of the conversation and, indeed, the relationship.

Interpersonal communication is styled differently for each person.  However, the coaching and client collaborate to understand, learn, grow in the use of valuable communication styles, while remaining true to yourself.  Give yourself the gift of new beginnings!

Meet Your Coach

Wendy Yaniv

Having studied Interpersonal Communications and International Business, I have always been fascinated with peoples' natural abilities/struggles of their communication style and the ease/challenge in which they can engage others. 


As a perpetual learner, this is my area of interest, joy and focus.  Having the opportunity and honor to work with clients around the globe in learn 


I have had a fabulous, full life with wonderful experiences and massive challenges. I’m a mom to 3 grown men, love to travel and learn about different cultures, enjoy reading, working out, skiing and being outdoors.  I am fiercely dedicated to my family, friends and kindness in the world. 

Having said that, life has not always been smooth sailing.  As a matter of fact, I can say that there was a 10-year period of extraordinary challenges. While the challenges ebbed and flowed during those years, there was a 5 year period that tested every part of my life.  Caring for and managing a loved-one that experienced a severe mental health crisis, having my 3 sons in active military duty and working in a career that had no office hours and worked 7 days a week.  

As is generally the case, the most challenging of times brought me to my greatest awareness and the decision to finally follow my passion to become a coach.  People energize me and fill me with curiosity.  I am at my best when partnering with clients in helping them create a new awareness and watch as they tap into their own resources and become the best version of themselves. 

Always Forward Focused!


PQ® Mental Fitness Coach, Assoc. Certified Coach (ACC) with International Coach Federation; Certified Professional Coach (CPC) with International Coach Academy.  Real Estate Productivity Coach, Coach for Expats Living Abroad.  Continuing Education Courses: Mindfulness Meditation


Awarded study grant for PQ (Positivity Intelligence) Mental Fitness Coaching

Founder of the International "Competitive Giving" Coaching Mastermind Group

Co-Founder of AIM - Allies in Mental Health

Bachelor of Science:  Interpersonal Communications / International Business

Meet the Coach



It's all about my clients! 
Hear what they have to say ...

“Working with Wendy has been a revelation! She has an uncanny ability to probe without fear into the heart of my challenge, while simultaneously fostering an environment of trust and compassion. I immediately felt at ease and ready to tackle whatever came up. Mixing all this with her business experience and entrepreneurial acumen gave me the perfect blend of knowledge, support, and work that I needed to transform my perspective and truly explore who I am as a business owner.”  

E. Wilson, CA

Wendy is a great and insightful coach. She has an innate ability to help you get right to the heart of what's in your way so you can level up and take your personal or professional pursuits further. Wendy listens well, engages with empathy and her super power as a coach is in how her background and experience shape the lens through which her questions flow. I'd highly recommend Wendy as a coach for executives, leaders, business owners and those who are looking to level up!

A. McClain, CA

I had the privilege to partner with Wendy as my coach. Her coaching was instrumental for me to navigate through a tough period of my life. Her ability to connect instantly and to build trust is unquestionable. I especially appreciated that she gave me the space to explore but also challenged me when I needed it. If you are looking for a coach who would gently nudge you while also be your biggest supporter, I can only recommend Wendy.  

K. Biro, Germany

Empowered – this is how I felt after each coaching session with Wendy. And even though it was more than a year ago, some of Wendy’s questions and observations are still in my head and I still return to them in the moments of self-doubt. I highly recommend Wendy as a coach to anyone outside of their comfort zone and looking to turn this experience into an opportunity for personal growth.  


D. Kassymbekova, Kosova

I came to Wendy requesting one session with her for a very specific issue that I was facing.  I had never worked with a coach so I was a bit hesitant and instead of Wendy pushing multiple sessions, she graciously allowed me to do one session with her and never “pushed” me into more.  Wendy’s personality immediately put me at ease, allowed me the time and space to talk, asked me questions that allowed me to consider other options and think outside my own head.  I left that ONE session with clarity, knowing my next step, my own hurdles inside my head and with a certainty that I WILL be back to work with Wendy!   My, supposed, one-off session was only the beginning of many!  Highly recommend Wendy! 


J. Donner, NY

Eagle Flying

3 Sessions

Stones of Meaning

6 Sessions

Above the Clouds

10 Sessions

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